Interview mit Osoko Tanaka (Teil 1)

Osoko Tanaka, Autor des „Only Nintendo Revolution“-Blogs, hat sich in einem kurzen Interview unseren Fragen u.a. zur Konsole, dem Controller sowie möglichen Spiele-Titel gestellt.
Nintendo said about the new controller: to be able to play the classic games from different systems with the Revolution’s controller is a hint on what the new controller will be like. Could it be that the controller is sort of a free configurable device and that the layout of the buttons is depending on the games you play?

O. Tanaka:
I can’t answer this question cause the controller is a point that Nintendo doesn’t want to reveal at the moment. But let me tell you that the controller will be able to play the classic games and will be able to transmite feelings too. When you receive these feelings, you could think your’re there. In the game. It’s really awesome.
Are there any plans already for a MMORPG title for Revolution?

O. Tanaka:
It would be interesting. I’m sure that we’ll see a MMORPG to can use a peripheric such as Hard Drive. We know Nintendo wants to make games online for the next-gen console. So it couldn’t be strange think about an MMORPG on Revolution. We’ll see too many kinds of games.
Will the Revolution graphics be very different from Xbox360 and/or PS3?

O. Tanaka:
Like I said. Revolution will have next-gen graphics. And Like I said, Nintendo is increasing Revolutions Power. GameCube had had a similar process. I’m sure Revolution will be better than XBOX360. Graphics will be better.
Are there any exclusive titles planned for Revolution that are currently exclusive on PS2 and/or Xbox?

O. Tanaka:
I don’t know about it.
Will Revolution connect to DS and/or the new Gameboy generation?

O. Tanaka:
I think it will be a great pont for Revolution. DS-Revolution are the perfect combination. We’ll see what you will be able to do with this combination. It will be an interesting point. Wifi technology allows a great communication(…)
Is the Launch of the system in Europe expected to be in 2006?

O. Tanaka:
2006 is the year of Revolution. Nintendo won’t fall behind in this race.
Do you think Nintendo will make it to number 1 in the consoles market with Revolution again? 🙂

O. Tanaka:
People want to see new gaming experience ways. Revolution has a new gaming experience way. I think the future is on Revolution. Revolution will hit all consoles. Nintendo will call all gamers with Revolution. And Nintendo has a lot of new games expecting for Revolution. Third parties too. Games are the most important part on a console. We’ll be impressed. Really, Nintendo is working hard to be the first in this race. And I think Nintendo will become the number one in the consoles market cause we’ll see a change. We won’t see the same. PlayStation 3 or XBOX360 offers the same and they claim to have the best graphics. Nintendo has thought in the most important thing: games with next-gen graphics. Personally, for me is important see new games, new franchises. Nintendo Revolution will be a console for the new franchises. We won’t see the same. The controller allows to developers make new games with the best gaming way.

Wir danken Herrn Tanaka, dass er sich die Zeit für unsere Fragen genommen hat!

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